Abatement Design and Advice

Site specific emissions assessment and mitigation design eg air pollution control system design.


Probe Environmental Services Ltd experienced staff in the air pollution control sector have worked in various industrial sectors ranging from water industry to food production and municipal waste through to the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.


Probe Environmental Services Ltd carry out Best Available Technique (BAT) assessments and design projects, covering all major available technologies. We also undertake surveys and troubleshooting of existing systems, making recommendations for improvements or alternatives.

We cover designed of bespoke solutions tailored to suit your business need.

  • Carbon Absorbers

  • Biofilters

  • Thermal Oxidisers

  • Dust Extraction

We provide advice, designs, installation and maintenance services for all air pollution control applications including:


Odour Control, VOC Abatement, Dust/Fume Extraction, DeNox/Sox, Vent Gas Scrubbing.


Our Team of Advisors have no incentive to offer one system over another, and so they are able to consider each individual application and recommend the most suitable system based on their years of industry experience. Our Team have worked in multiple industries including but not limited to:


Sewage Odour Control, Municipal Waste Handling, Food manufacture and processing, Chemical Processing/ Manufacture, Pharmaceutical Manufacture.

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