Fire Prevention Plans (FPP)

Odour Management Plan

Fire Prevention Plans or FPPS are required for a number of facilities where combustible materials are accepted or stored.

Probe Environmental Services Ltd are able to provide FPPS for sites that meet the Regulators requirements.

We have experience in provision and approvals of FFP's for a number of Metal Recycling facilities, Waste Transfer facilities and a number of Large Wood Reprocessing sites.

Regulators will often specify an approved odour management plan needs to be provided, to prevent or where that is not practicable to minimise  odour.

Probe Environmental Services Ltd have produced and received approval for Odour Management Plans for a wide variety of our clients. Once written we can also provide staff with tool box talks to ensure understanding of the required procedures.

Pest Management Plans

Dust & Emissions Management Plans

When our clients need support in relation to ensuring that they have adequate provisions in place to manage FLIES, RODENTS and VERMIN, Probe Environmental Services can provide advice and procedures to ensure adequate provision is in place.

Our Director Julie has written Management plans for many facilities across the world and has a breadth of knowledge in Pest Management Plans. 

Companies often produce emissions that are not prescribed and are therefore classed as fugitive emissions!

We at Probe Environmental Services Ltd can provide help and advice in order to control those emissions. The plan is written in accordance with the regulatory requirements. Once approved we can provide staff training and tool box talks to ensure understanding of the required procedures.

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