Management Systems

An Internal Management System is a document made up of a set of management procedures and action plans.


The Management System can cover Quality, Health Safety and Environment.

The purpose of this document is to provide prescriptive methods to enable the facility to operate in accordance with its environmental permit responsibilities and encourage continual environmental performance throughout the life of the site. The document is a live document and changes are made throughout the life of the site to reflect operational changes.

The Management System will be written in consideration of the activities and risks associated with the site operations. Specific measures are tailored in order to minimise and manage risks. The MS will enable the site to:

·        Use the system in complying with environmental permit requirements and directly associated legislation

·        Prove continual commitment to protecting the environment and human health

·        Use the system to establish training needs and training records for staff

·        The system will contain a structured maintenance program for plant and infrastructure

·        Formal auditing and reporting requirements to enable development of consistent site operations

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