Training Services

As the “Environment Agency" audit and inspect site operations we know how important it is for operators to ensure their site is looking the best it can!


A number of Operators have been training their staff to ensure the get their sight right:


At Probe Environmental Services we offer bespoke training that is tailored to your company needs and requirements. Here are examples of some training we have recently undertaken with site operators: they are delivered from the point of view of the Environment Agency expectations so Operators are aware of the EA requirements and why…this is to give operators an insight in to why they have to do certain actions. Julie and Kath have delivered training to Environment Agency staff so are well placed to pass the knowledge and expected standards on to our clients.

FPP (Fire Prevention Plan) Training

Asbestos Awareness Training

Banksman Training

WAMITAB Continuous Competence Refresher training

Waste Acceptance and my Permit - What can I Take

Hazardous Waste & WM3

Achieving Compliance -   Perspective as an Environment Agency Officer 

Environmental Permit,  Operational Management Procedures and Odour Management Plans

Awareness of Nuisance – Odour (Odour assessment/monitoring training)

Awareness of Nuisance – Flies (Treatment options, Management and Fly Management Procedures)

Awareness of Nuisance – Dust, Mud, Noise

Storage of potentially polluting liquids

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